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Memorandum of understanding to develop the infrastructure salute Mazyona free zone

Happy Salalah clever :

Was the management of the industrial zone Brissot yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the infrastructure in the Free Zone with Al Maziyouna (Golden Hala) for trading and contracting in the presence of His Excellency Maqbool bin Ali Sultan, Minister of Trade and Industry.

The agreement was signed Hilal bin Hamad al-Hassani, Chief Executive of the General Organization for Industrial Estates with Dr. Salah Al-Khalifa, President of the running board of directors (Golden Hala).

Chief Executive of the Foundation of the industrial areas that the Foundation has sought to develop the free zone Al Maziyouna and management according to the best standards for the work of the free zones where the emphasis was placed on the need to build an effective partnership with the private sector to develop and operate the region.

He added that the Public Establishment for Industrial keen that the operation is not the region only after the completion of the legislative framework governing the investment and commercial traffic within the region and regulate the relationship between investors and all government agencies.

He said al-Hassani said the location of the Free Zone with Al Maziyouna is important to the business community in the Sultanate and the Republic of Yemen and the GCC as is clear from reading the indicators that the trade among the GCC countries is the biggest strategic partner of the Republic of Yemen, where the average volume of commercial exchange the last three years Maigarb U.S. $ 6 billion a year and by more than 33 percent of the total trade with Yemen over the world. On the other hand, said Dr. Salah Al-Khalifa, President of the Running Board of Directors of Golden Hala said the company took the lead for industrial investment in the Sultanate and a good place for one of the main areas attracting Arab and foreign investment, including aspects of various industrial complex, where it established factories Raysut ready-mixed concrete, bricks and Alantrlk Alkrbston and pointing out that the company has developed an area of 300 thousand square meters surface area Raysut in Salalah project jewel, which was completed infrastructure works in a record time and ahead of schedule. He said the company will be after the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the General Establishment for Industrial Estates is developing the Mazyona free and completion of the project, according to a schedule to be adopted later, efficiently and proficiency according to the latest international standards will also be attracting funds, institutions and global companies to transform the economic Mazyona said to match the largest Free Zones in the world.

The Minister of Trade and Industry has launched the slogan of the Free Zone with Al Maziyouna before the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding....