Oman News

Yesterday morning was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the General Industrial Zone and the Golden Hala Company, a subsidiary of Kuwait's Al-Fanar jewel in the presence of His Excellency Maqbool bin Ali Sultan, Minister of Trade and Industry and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Free Zones.

Where the MoU was signed by the General Organization of the industrial zone Hilal bin Hamad al-Hassani, Chief Executive of the Foundation of the industrial zones and by the company Golden Hala Salah al-Khalifa, Chief Executive running.

On this occasion, speaking Hilal bin Hamad al-Hassani said: We are pleased today as we celebrate the Day of the industry in Salalah in Dhofar coined the free trade zone and the vision of Al Maziyouna and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Golden Hala Trading & Contracting Co. to develop the infrastructure in the Free Zone with Al Maziyouna.

 Given the importance of activating the role of bilateral trade between the Sultanate and the Republic of Yemen and necessity of developing trade and strengthening economic relations between them and the fact that the free zones are the most important economic tools that facilitate the movement of capital and the movement of goods and business, has sought the Public Establishment for Industrial Free Zone operator of Al Maziyouna on the development and management according to the best standards for the work of the free zones, where the focus was on the need to build an effective partnership with the private sector to develop and operate the Free Zone with Al Maziyouna to benefit from the expertise and capacity of private sector business development and movement speed, which is characterized by. The Foundation has been keen not to be the operation of the area only after the completion of the legislative framework governing the investment and commercial traffic within the region and regulate the relationship between investors and all government agencies, and I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to you on your continued support of the march of development witnessed by the General Establishment of industrial zones in all their industrial and Isaddarkm Regulation of the Free Zone with Al Maziyouna.

With regard to the location of the region free Al Maziyouna and its relevance to the business community in the Sultanate and the Republic of Yemen and the GCC, it is clear from reading the indicators that the trade among the GCC countries is the largest strategic partner of the Republic of Yemen, where the average volume of trade over the past three The latter was approximately (6) billion dollars per year and by more than (33%) of the total trade with Yemen over the world.

 In order to achieve the institution's vision and mission Free Zone Al Maziyouna come today signed a memorandum of understanding with Golden Hala Trading and Contracting to contribute to the growth and development of Free Zone Al Maziyouna.

On the other hand occur Salah Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Hala said: I would like to inform you that a jewel lighthouse was the first body to take the initiative to come to the Sultanate and to Salalah to invest either in real estate or industrial or commercial, we started our construction and industrial investment pool plants Raysut Concrete ready-made bricks and interlock and Alkrbston this complex has been established in accordance with the specifications of international standard both in terms of civil construction or manufacturing equipment.

He has been the completion of this industrial complex in record time and we started our production is already about two years ago and always keen to master all of what we're doing were complex products of our factories interlock of quality despite the recent presence in the local market but they managed to impose itself on the market and you can see our products now in the main streets of Salalah.

He said: We also confirm our support for the development within the Sultanate and creating job opportunities for Omani youth to enjoy the area of industrial investment to find many job opportunities for large segments of the Omani youth in various disciplines.

He said: We would like to point out a gem lighthouse it has developed an area of 300000 sqm area Raysut in Salalah project jewel, which was the completion of infrastructure works in a record time and ahead of schedule in our schedule, which was presented and adopted by the Public Establishment for Industrial and hope that the honor draft gem Salalah visit of the minister.

He said, we consider ourselves as strategic partners of the Foundation of the industrial area after we have shown our seriousness in the implementation of what has been agreed upon, despite global economic conditions during the implementation of previous projects.

"We hope that the state institutions are directed to the project for reconstruction in both the industrial or other areas of the project and in particular the industrial area and storage and the traditional market the project, which contributes substantially to sources of income for each family in Salalah, where the idea of a traditional market based on the revival of the traditional and famous hand from the people of the region.

If we all cooperate as partners in this area would have the greatest impact in the income of small family Salalah where there will be jobs and the lowest potential possible and lowest possible cost in terms of our project that according to the project design traditional market, it will be allocated to small areas within the market to fit every individual.

He said: "We insist on cooperation as strategic partners is our cooperation on this basis; because a jewel-Fanar a similar experience in Kuwait, where we are the first company to have developed an area of 450000 sqm popular industrial area of the Public Authority Industrial.

The companies said today jewel lighthouse after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the General Establishment for Industrial Estates to develop the Mazyona Free accomplish this great project, according to the timetables, which will be adopted later and the competence and proficiency entrusted to us.

So will our cooperation partners from the first moment for the start of the project and put all the energies of a jewel-Fanar large institution with the potential to be the fuel of departure and implementation of the project as soon as possible according to the latest international standards and are attracting funds, institutions and global companies to transform the Mazyona to match the distinguished economist, said more Free Zones in the world.

After this run Salah Khalifa, chief executive of Golden Hala said he was happy to co-exist in a very beautiful city of Salalah and Oman for their hospitality and all the facilities enjoyed by their company to invest in the Sultanate of Oman, said in response on one of our questions on the capital invested in the Mazyona free to capital Estimated investment in the region estimated at about 100 million riyals, as it would attract the best companies and investors to this region and we will strive to implement programs according to the specific timing and feel that we will succeed with the help of God Almighty through the feet of facilities and will remove all difficulties in this place that God willing.